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Our Classes

Our Class Types

Puppy Class

Combining sociability with a fun learning experience with your puppy.  Puppies need to be under 6 months old.  

• This class will give you knowledge on how to handle your pup
• Drive sociability with your puppy
• Drive increased control of your puppy

The course covers sociability , and basic commands including hand and voice signals.  We will cover some of your typical puppy challenges:

• Nipping
• Chewing
• Digging
• Jumping Up
• Lead Pulling
• Boisterous Behavior
• Toilet Training

Obedience Training

We have classes for beginner obedience and more advanced training
Obedience course will assist you with the following :

• Support and guide your dog through his training journey
• Socialization with dogs and people
• Have a dog that is happy and compatible with its environment

Frequently asked questions

Dogs with moderate or serious aggression ( either towards people or Dogs ) will not have there needs met with general classes.
In these cases we advise a consultation with a behaviorist, Samantha Walpole – Be The Dog (Fourways, Sandton, Kyalami) sam@bethedog.co.za

This type of training is not offered by us. We do not agree with the principles of in-board training, so are unable to make any recommendations in this regard.

This is a very specific situation often requiring an in-home visit and thus not something we can address in classes. Please contact one of the behaviorists referred to above.

We do not maintain a list of breeders as this is outside of our scope – please contact the Kennel Union of SA in this regard for an up-to-date list of breeders per breed:  www.kusa.co.za

If you are looking for  attack training in JHB we suggest you contact Chris Waldron at K9 Training Centre:   www.k9training.co.za

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